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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two offers to Chakrata Road traders

Dehradun January 19
Like a suspense thriller film, Chakrata Road issue has been very enigmatic and mysterious from day one with new layers opening up each time, caring least about the government order on Chakrata policy issued on the matter.
In an extended meeting held with freehold traders of Chakrata Road in the aftermath of the strong reservation expressed by the freehold shopkeepers with regard to forsaking one metre area in the remaining portion of their demolished shops a day before, vice-chairman, Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA), took them by surprise by offering them double the space of what they were left with at Chakrata Road in the new shopping complex.
The VC gave them two offers to choose from. In case they decided not to leave any space in the existing remains at Chakrata, then they would not be allowed to have front entrance and will have to erect a wall seeking lateral or backside entrance.
They would also have to get the map cleared from MDDA.
In second offer, they were offered double the space in the new shopping complex only if they eschewed their claim on the shop area left on Chakrata Road.
The shopkeepers were stupefied to believe the second offer at first sight though they are also not convinced about the first. They have asked for a day to decide on the matter. Yusuf, a freehold shopkeeper, said they were not ready to believe MDDA officials.
They had earlier gone back on their promise of giving one-and-a-half times bigger shops in the new shopping complex.
MDDA is also apprehensive about the stance of freehold traders and had asked them to put their demands in writing so that it could forward the matter to the state government for further approval.
The freehold shopkeepers, however, are preparing a list of those who are interested and the area they are left with to send it to MDDA.

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