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Friday, January 20, 2012

Roads built in violation of code of conduct

Pithoragarh, January 20
Election Commission observers have taken notice of the construction of small roads by the BJP candidates in the Pithoragarh constituency in violation of the code of conduct and forest laws to please voters.
“The issue has been brought to my notice and I have asked the District Election Officer to inquire into the matter,” said SK Viswas, an observer for the seat.
According to information, the candidates have started constructing small roads without permission. “The BJP candidate Prakash Pant has violated it by constructing a 250 metre road from Bans to Jajurali villages in the Chandak area,thus violating the code. ” said a source in the District Election Office.
At both places the work on sanctioned roads has been stopped by the construction agency due to lack of forest clearance. “Therefore, it is not only a violation of the model code of conduct but also of forest laws,” said the observer.
“We have sent a team of officers to both areas. It will submit its report in two or three days and if any violation of the model code of conduct is established, the commission will be informed accordingly,” said RD Paliwal, returning officer of Pithoragarh.

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