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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Narendra Modi to Address Parivartan Rally in Dehradun

PM seeks Uttarakhand`s support for demonetisation

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a Parivartan Rally in Dehradun as part of Bharatiya Janata Party’s outreach programme to woo voters before the upcoming elections in Uttarakhand. Addressing the rally, he assured the crowds that soon India will see the end of corruption and sought support for his demonetisation drive.
Modi thanked the people for attending the rally in large numbers and said that the presence of such a huge crowd signalled that the people of Uttarakhand could't wait for development anymore. He quizzed the crowd about their lack of interest when he had hosted a rally in Dehradun in 2014 when he was running as a PM candidate for the Lok Sabha elections.
He inaugurated the 900-km Chardham Highway Development programme and said, "The inauguration of Char Dham project is a tribute to those who lost their lives during Uttarakhand flash floods."
Modi said that the Rs 12,000-crore project will give employment to the workers in the area and bring about the advent of a new economy. He said that the people working on the project like drivers, labourers, cleaners, etc. will get jobs.
He assured the crowds that the highway project is not a political ploy to woo the voters.
He took a dig at the previous UPA government and targeted them for not providing free gas connections to the people living beneath poverty line in the country. He said, "There was a time in this country when people had to visit the houses of politicians just to acquire a gas cylinder or connection."
He said, "My government took the initiative and said that we will electrify villages within 1000 days. Over 12,000 villages have already been electrified."
He took a jibe at the previous governments for not bringing any conclusion to the One Rank One Pension (Orop) issue for 40 years when they were in power.
"I respect the Indian Army and I wanted to to do something that benefits them. We brought conclusion of the Orop issue and dispersed funds worth Rs 6,600 crore to help the retired soldiers. This helped the economy of Uttarakhand," he said.
Taking another dig at his critics, he said, "I am a watchman of this country. Some people don't like me keeping watch on the corrupt people of this country. Black money is bad for the nation and corruption should be ended. I have waged a war against this. I need your blessings to fight against corruption."
He announced, "We have decided that there will be no interviews for the position of class 3 and class 4 officers. This is to kill corruption. Jobs will be given on the basis of merit. This is the end of corruption."
"We took the step the demonetisation to curb black money. But some people didn't give up their bad habits. These deceiving people took back-door entries to still carry on hoarding black money. But we have waged a war against them," he said.
Reminiscing the time when India was a rich state, he said, "The people of the country have come forward to fight the the war against corruption. Black-money hoarders are scared of the government."

Saturday, July 2, 2016

District Administration Contact Details

Contact Details

Contact Details (District Dehradun)
S.No Designation STD Code Office Fax E-Mail id
1 Commissioner Garhwal 01368
221682 / comm-gar-ua[at]nic[dot]in
2 District Magistrate Dehradun 0135 2622389 2720025 dm-deh-ua[at], dehradundm[at]
3 ADM (E)  Dehradun 0135 2623819 - adme.deh[at]
4 ADM (F/R) Dehradun 0135 2628893 2623199 admfr.deh[at]
5 Dy. Collector Dehradun - - - -
6 City Magistrate Dehradun 0135 2722606 -
7 SDM Kalsi 01360 275021 -
8 SDM Tyuni 01360 275021 -
9 SDM Chakrata 01360 275021 -
10 SDM Vikas Nagar 0135 250200 -
11 SDM Doiwala 0135 2695020 -
12 SDM Sadar-Dehradun 0135 2625220 -
13 SDM Rishikesh 0135 2430007 -
14 SDM Mussoorie 0135 2632681 -
15 Tehsil Kalsi 01360 276155 -
16 Tehsil Tyuni 01360 2385296 -
17 Tehsil Chakrata 01360 - -
18 Tehsil Vikas Nagar 01360 253060 -
19 Tehsil Doiwala 0135 2695020 -
20 Tehsil Dehradun (Sadar) - - -
Public Information Officer
1 Public Information Officer Tehsil Sadar, Dehradun

Police Department
1 DIG Garhwal 0135 2716201 2710925 digdeh-police-uk[at]nic[dot]in
2 Sr. Supdt. of Police (SSP) 0135 2716203 2716204 ssp.ddn14[at] /                     ssp-deh-ua[at]nic[dot]in
3 SP City 0135 2716207 - -
4 SP Rural 0135 2716209 2716203 -
5 SP Traffic 0135 2713113 - -
Development Department
1 CDO Dehradun 0135 2712569 2712569
2 DDO, Dehradun 0135 2712481 2714381
3 PD DRDA Dehradun 0135 2712591 2712591
4 BDO Sahaspur 0135 2697632 2697632 
5 BDO Raipur 0135 2781673 2781673 
6 BDO Doiwala 0135 2695020 2695020
7 BDO Vikas Nagar 01360 250905 250905 
8 BDO Chakrata 01360 272322 272322 
9 BDO Kalsi 01360 275021 275021
District Level Officer
1 Chief Treasury Officer, Dehradun 0135 2627205 -  /                       treas-deh-ua[at]
2 CMO Dehradun 0135 2724506, 2658104 - cmodehradun[at]
3 District Homoeopathic Officer Dehradun 0135 2742890 -
4 Chief Medical Superintendent  0135 2714762 - -
5 Chief Medical Superintendent(Female)  0135 2559236 - -
6 DEStO  Dehradun 0135 2652319 -
7 CVO Dehradun 0135 2712891 -
8 District Information Officer 0135 2656508 2656508
9 DPO ICDS  Dehradun 0135 2521242 -
10 DPRO Dehradun 0135 2656327 -
11 DIO, NIC Dehradun 0135 2623259 -  /
12 CAO Agriculture Dept 0135 2727368 -
13 REO Employment Dehradun 0135 2653665 -
14 A. D. Saving 0135 2679039 -
15 Asstt. Director Fisheries 0135 2520595 -
16 Asstt. Sugarcane Commissioner 0135 2722492 -
17 Regional Tourist Officer 0135 2653217 -
18 District Sports Officer, Dehradun - - -
19 Maharana Pratap Sports College, Raipur Dehradun 0135 2788142 -
20 Project Officer, UREDA - - -
21 Entertainment Tax, Dehradun 0135 2728032 -
22 District Social Welfare officer, Dehradun 0135 2628099 -
23 D.C. Home Guard, Dehradun - - -
24 District Election Officer 0135 2624216 -
25 District Election Officer(Panchayat) 0135 2726732 -
26 District Supply Officer 0135 2653724 -
27 G.M.-District Industries Centre 0135 272322 - -
28 District Excise Officer 0135 2628695 -
29 Distrct Sales Tax Officer 0135 2653737 - -
30 Distrct  Horticulture Officer 0135 2724146 - -
Education Department
1 Chief Education Officer Dehradun 0135 2787027 - /
2 DEO (Madhyamik) Dehradun 0135 2780215 - /  
3 DEO (Basic) Dehradun - - -
4 Block Education Officer, Kalsi - - -
Engineering Department
1 EE(Minor Irrigation) - - -
2 EE(PD) PWD - - -
3 EE Sahiya (PWD) - - -
4 Project Manager  - - -
5 Superintending Engineer, Construction Circle, Uttrakhand Peyjal Nigam, Dehradun - - -,
6 EE (Jal Nigam) Dehradun - - -
7 AE, Jal Nigam - - -
8 EE, Mechanical Division, Jal Nigam - - -
9 Superintending Engineer (E/M), P.W.D - - -
10 EE, UPCL EDD - - -
11 EE (RES) - - -
12 Project Manager, Construction unit, peyjal nigam Rishikesh - - -
13 Executive Engineer, Infrastructure division, Dehradun - - -
14 Executive Engineer, Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan, Pithuwala, Dehradun - - -
15 Executive Engineer(South), Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan, Dilaram Chowk, Dehradun - - -
16 Additional Director- Tourism, Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, Dehradun - - -
17 Executive Engineer(North), Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan, Dehradun - - -
18 Superintending Engineer, Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan, Dehradun - - -
19 Agriculture & Soil Conservation Officer Chakrata at Kalsi Dehradun - - -  
20 DFO Mussoorie Forest Division, Musoorie - - -
21 DFO Chakrata Forest Division - - -
22 agriculture and bhoomi sanraksan adhakri Chakrata at Kalsi - - -
23 Regional Sericultural Research Station, Central Silk Board, Govt. of India - - -

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dehradun Clock Tower

Clock Tower, also called as Ghanta Ghar locally, located on the Rajpur road is a landmark and a major attractive place in Dehradun city. Encircled by the commercial centre of the city, Clock Tower is one of the most prominent attractions of Dehradun that was constructed before independence by the British. A magnificent tourist attraction, this clock tower has six faces.
It is said that previously the chime of this clock could be heard far away from the commercial centre of Dehradun. Tourists visiting the Clock Tower can also head towards the important institutions, schools, hotels, shopping complex and tourist spots located in the vicinity. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Thursday, 03 March 2016 | Dehradun

Dehradun - As part of the stakeholders’ consultations on the Dehradun smart city proposal, senior Government officials on Wednesday exhorted the public to participate unhesitatingly and provide their inputs on features of the smart city plan for Dehradun. Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA) vice chairman and State’s nodal officer for the smart city programme, R Meenakshi Sundaram and Dehradun municipal commissioner Nitin Singh Bhadauriya interacted with city residents and addressed issues on Government of India’s MyGov.In portal.
Dehradun is among the 23 cities that have been asked by Ministry of Urban Development to submit a revised smart city proposal by April 15 for which the State authorities undertaking effort to get Dehradun on the second list of smart cities to be issued in the near future.  “The ministry had given us some inputs and we are diligently following these. Citizens’ consultation is critical to the process. We have adopted a multi-pronged approach to engage citizens and solicit their views through a mix of online and offline mediums. I strongly feel a passionate participation from citizens of Dehradun is urgently needed to ensure we pass through this critical phase. Please vote on MyGov.In portal,” said Sundaram, adding that the authority had also been conducting a campaign to garner public involvement and support for the project.
He further said, “MDDA is taking various additional steps to solicit inputs from all strata of society. To ensure we facilitate easy access to the online portal and encourage people to vote, we have created special kiosks and teams are deployed in various parts of the city,” added Sundaram.
Regarding concerns raised by the public over ‘misconceptions’ and ‘unfounded fear’ Sundaram allayed apprehensions regarding decimation of greenery in the town. He said, “A city is like a living organism - much like me and you - and as a custodian of the city, we would be the last person to snuff life out of it. Let me assure, no trees would be cut except in special circumstances and wherever done, we would compensate by planting four-times more trees,” he said. The nodal officer added, “Weaker sections of society and the labour classes will also be integral to this project – with the chief minister Harish Rawat having said that the first building in this project would be for them.”
MDDA is also roping in premium institutions like Forest Research Institute among others seeking their valuable inputs for the project. Global firms Frost & Sullivan and Price Waterhouse Coopers have been roped in for assisting MDDA in development of the project proposal as well as offline survey.
Addressing the gathering, Bhadauria informed citizens on the need for convergence of smart city project with other ongoing schemes for operational efficiency and ease. “As alert citizens, you must participate actively and ensure that you make your voice heard,” he added.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Rishikesh women form group to keep surroundings clean

Haridwar, January 15
Activists of the Bhaulputri Mahila Sewa Samiti clean garbage in the Dalwala colony in Rishikesh on Friday. These women have formed the samiti with the aim to clean their areas. 
Women from Dhalwala in Rishikesh have formed a social committee, ‘Bhaulputri Mahila Sewa Samiti’, under which they will hold cleanliness and awareness programmes. On the pious occasion of Makar Sankranti today, these women took a pledge to clean their surroundings and generate awareness among people.
The samiti members also decided to hold a cleanliness drive in their colonies every week. Rampyari Devi, president of the Bhaulputri Mahila Sewa Samiti, told The Tribune that seeing local residents, pilgrims and tourists throwing filth and garbage on Ganga ghats and in colonies, they decided to emphasise on the need to hold a cleanliness drive as well as an awareness campaign.
“Rishikesh is a world renowned pilgrim city but it lags behind in cleanliness. We have brought this to the notice of the Municipal Committee chairperson and local ward members as well as the city legislator. We felt that we all should contribute individually and hence we decided to hold a cleanliness drive in our colonies every week,” said Ram Pyari.
Samiti vice-president Savita Joshi said they were also seeking support of some spiritual and religious organizations that had willingly assured of help. “We have received support from Parmarth Niketan Swarg Ashram spiritual ideologue Swami Chidanand Muni Saraswati, who is providing us basic cleaning equipment and services of volunteers. Swami Chidanand Muni has donated 14 bighas to the samiti where a skill development and community centre for local women will be established,” said Sarita Semwal, a senior member of the committee.
Parmarth Niketan representative Mohan Singh said Swami Chidanand Muni on knowing about the initiative of the women’s group sent ashram volunteers to help it. He lauded their efforts in realising the clean India initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
“It’s inspiring to see women cleaning lanes in Dhalwala colony. Many residents, who were trying to throw garbage, did not do it and returned while some of them dumped the garbage in bins. Seeing us cleaning the colony, many young girls and housewives enquired about the initiative and expresses their willingness to join us,” said Poonam Bhatt, an activist.