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Thursday, January 19, 2012

NGO guns for Team Anna

Dehradun, January 19
Team Anna which has announced to campaign in the Assembly poll in Uttarakhand from January 21, has faced the opposition from a voluntary organisation. Avdhash Kaushal, chairperson of the Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK) in a statement, said, “Uttarakhand is a state known for its intellect.
The average citizen here is enlightened. People are well read and they understand issues that plague the country today. Citizens of Dehradun do not welcome parashooters neither do they need people from outside to come and tell them whom to vote for, we are very well aware of our democratic responsibility and have a clear idea of whom to vote.”
He pointed out that on one hand the Team Anna says they will not ask voters to back or oppose any particular party but make them aware of every party’s stand on the Lokpal Bill whereas Uttarakhand had passed the Lokayukta Bill in November, which Team Anna had then hailed as “cent per cent” identical with its Jan Lokpal Bill.
Kaushal was of the opinion that Team Anna while in Uttarakhand should visit the Patanjali Yogpeeth and try to convince their ally Ramdev, who, through corrupt means has usurped land of village panchayats and villagers, to return their lands.
Awdhash Kaushal said by starting their campaign from Uttarakhand, a state that has passed the Lokpal Bill, which is closer to their version, clearly speaks about their political leanings. “The best part is that members of the committee formed to welcome it and organise its campaign in Uttarakhand are the ones who are known for encouraging corruption and wrongdoings in the state,” he added
Dr Priya Zadu, Human rights activist, said: “These people should focus on their work in Delhi. They along with their conference on “Rebuilding the Republic" should also focus on rebuilding their own sullied images. While talking about others doing, they should clarify their own credentials”.

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