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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Voters missed third front in Kumaon region

Nainital, March 7
The results that have emerged from Kumaon region after the counting of votes point to the disillusionment of voters in the face of absence of a powerful third alternative available to them.
This time around it has been the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress candidates that have won on the 28 seats in the region. While the former has bagged 15 seats, the latter has followed closely with 13 seats. The remaining one seat of Lal Kuan in the region has been won by the rebel Congress candidate.
But the most interesting aspect has been the number of sitting legislators that have been voted out. Only seven sitting legislators have managed to retain their seats while in 17 cases, the electorate changed the party whose legislator had been representing them.
Observers say that this goes on to show that the people are looking for an alternative which is not available to them. They are just trying to show their resentment by voting a candidate of a party other than the one that had been representing their constituency. Had this not been the case, there would have been a clear-cut mandate in favour of one of the two parties.
The legislators who have managed to save their seats and get re-elected include Ajay Tamta from Someshwar, Bishan Singh Chufal from Didihat, Harbhajan Singh Cheema from Kashipur, Chandan Ram Dass from Bageshwar, Dr Shailendra Mohan Singhal from Jaspur, Manoj Tewari from Almora and Govind Singh Kunjwal from Jageshwar. While the first four are from the BJP, the remaining are from the Congress.
The seats or areas where the BJP had won the last time saw the Congress doing well there. For example, the BJP’s performance has been very good in the Terai areas of Udham Singh Nagar district, where it’s candidates won from Rudrapur, Kashipur, Gadarpur, Khatima, Nanakmatta, Sitarganj and Kitcha.
Although the Congress has managed to increase it’s tally to 13 from 10, the last time it, too, has failed to win on the five seats that had been won by it in the previous polls.
On some seats the electorate chose to poll in favour of new faces that were contesting. In some seats like Dwarahat, Kapkot, Nainital, Bhimtal and Nanakmatta, the newcomers managed to win while in some others like Kaladhungi they lost by a narrow margin. This also goes on to show that the people were looking for alternatives within the two main parties also.

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