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Friday, March 23, 2012

Rich tributes paid to Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev on Balidan Divas

Senior BJP leader Ravinder Jugran addresses a gathering on Balidan Divas in Mussoorie
Senior BJP leader Ravinder Jugran addresses a gathering on Balidan Divas in Mussoorie on Friday.

Mussoorie, March 23
Eminent social activists, historians and environmentalists observed Balidan Divas and paid rich tributes in a seminar held at Mussoorie today to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, who attained martyrdom during the struggle for freedom on March 23,1931. The seminar was organised under the aegis of social organisation Sarva Bhavantu Sukhina at the Municipal Council premises at around 11am.
The chief guest on the occasion senior BJP leader Ravinder Jugran, along with eminent historian Gopal Bhardwaj, environmentalist Vipin Gupta and social activist Amit Bhatt, lighting the ceremonial lamp in memory of the martyrs, said that the sacrifice of the martyrs known and unknown cannot easily be forgotten in Indian Freedom Struggle.
Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, the three revolutionaries, were pioneers in shaping the country's future through their thoughts that are relevant even today.
Jugran, speaking on the occasion, said that it was Bhagat Singh who had said "mere freedom from the British is no freedom; it is worth only when the farmer earns his pride, the workers earn their dignity and the country remains united." This was the basis of the path of freedom on which the country required to tread after gaining Independence.
Ravinder Jugran was of the view that the life and struggle of such martyrs should be incorporated in the school syllabus of government and public schools alike so that children are inspired by their
thoughts and resolve to build the nation according to dreams envisaged by the martyrs.
The eminent historian, Gopal Bhardwaj, remembering the period under British Raj, said that during that period the Indians did not have the freedom that existed today and one should thank the martyrs
for providing us this life where we can express ourselves freely.
Eminent environmentalist Vipin Gupta, speaking on the occasion, said that the people from metropolitan cities were not aware of the sacrifice made by freedom fighters and the need was to educate them through such programmes as held today. He also said that political class has failed
miserably infulfilling the dreams for which the martyrs had laid their lives during the struggle for Independence due to their individual interests. He appealed to people take inspiration from the lives of martyrs and try to become responsible citizens of the country.
Eminent educationist Anuj Tayal, Roop Chand Sharma and municipal council president OP Uniyal also addressed the gathering on the occasion.
The volunteers from Sarva Bahvantu Sukhina organisation rendered several patriotic songs on the occasion that were much appreciated by the audience.
Lalit Mohan Kala, the coordinator of the programme, said that the youth should learn from the life of the martyrs and dedicate their lives for the service of the nation.
DEHRADUN: Members of the Uttaranchal Punjabi Mahasabha, Dehrdaun, organised a march to pay tributes to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru on Shaheed Divas at the Clock Tower here today. Harish Narang, general secretary of the mahasabha, said: "I feel proud to be an Indian and lucky to be a part of this march."
Meanwhile, the Naujawan Uttarakhand Sabha paid tributes to the martyrs by playing patriotic songs on the occasion.

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