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Friday, April 13, 2012

Satpal Maharaj for military training in schools

Dehradun, April 13
Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Defence Affairs Satpal Maharaj yesterday said that the committee had put forward its 10th recommendations in Parliament on March 23.

Maharaj said the committee had strongly recommended compulsory military training in schools and other institutions so that talented youth of the country gets inclination towards joining armed forces.
Keeping in view the decreasing number of field firing ranges, the committee was of the view that the matter be sorted out after holding talks with all stakeholders. The committee held that it was a matter of great concern that out of the total of 92 notified firing ranges, the notification period of 52 firing ranges today stand lapsed.
Taking into account the strategic importance of firing ranges, the committee has reiterated his suggestion for the acquisition of firing ranges. 

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