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Friday, April 13, 2012

Chill back in Mussoorie, Haridwar

Mussoorie, April 13
Heavy rain accompained by strong winds lashed Mussoorie today, bringing down a number of trees and billboards in many areas.
The tourists and residents were seen in woollen clothes to tackle the unprecedented dip in temperature. The heavy rain and strong winds started in the morning and continued for more than four hours.
At Mussoorie Public School, the students had a narrow escape when an oak tree got uprooted and fell on the roof of one of the classrooms in the afternoon. No one was injured as the tree fell over the grill erected around the area that lessened the impact of the fall.
The Principal of the school said the students were taken to a safe spot and they immediately wrote to the Forest Department to remove the tree. The winds also peeled away advertisement billboards at few places in the town, posing threat to the life of the pedestrians and commuters.
The higher reaches around Mussoorie like Naag Tibba, witnessed a snow spell accompanied by heavy rain.
Due to overflowing drains, the roads near Picture Palace and Kulri Bazaar turned into a cesspool of mud, making it difficult for the pedestrians to walk through. Unlike tourists, the farmers from the apple belt in the Dhanaulti area showed their unhappiness over the fresh spell of rain and strong winds. They feared that the strong wind would affect agriculture adversely.
Director of Metrological Department Anand Sharma termed it as a routine occurrence and added that the weather would start improving soon. Surprisingly, the sky cleared by the evening and the life returned to normalcy.
HARIDWAR: Heavy rain accompanied by a windstorm that lashed the city in the wee hours today disrupted life at several places.
Uprooted trees, fallen electricity poles and overflowing nullahs were common sites.
Power supply also got disrupted with intermittent cuts and several colonies remained without electricity till late morning. Colonies of Shiv Lok, Shiv Moorti area, Mayapur, Devpura, Khanna Nagar, Jwalapur, Vivek Vihar and Awas Vikas were badly affected.
On the Delhi-Dehradun, Haridwar-Rishikesh and Haridwar-Najibabad highways, many portions of the road got affected with several trees fallen on the highway. Drains in many inner roads got choked, which submerged many vital intersections.
The rain in the region has brought the temperature down.

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