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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Separate vending zone planned in Haridwar

Haridwar, June 8
After facing problems in managing regular festive baths, fairs, Kanwar mela and Maha Kumbh-Ardh along with problems of congested roads and encroachments by vendors-hawkers, finally the administration has started the process for a separate vending zone in Haridwar.
A high-level team comprising district administration and Municipal Corporation have been formed under City Magistrate JS Nagiyal in this regard, which will submit it's final report in the coming days to the District Magistrate.
A survey is being done in the city to earmark the place for vending zones as well as marking places as 'no-vending zone.' Under directions from District Magistrate Sachin Kurwe, an administrative team is doing a field survey of various markets and empty places for this purpose.
Initially, for vending zone the Municipal Corporation has marked 14 such places while eight zones have been understood to be made no-vending zones.
Aiding this team are Circle Officer, Traffic, JR Joshi, Assistant Town Officer PS Rawat, Tax Inspector Mahendra Yadav, who are surveying the core mela zone area.
Till date they have surveyed railway station, bus station, Shiv Moorti Chowk, Laltaura Pull, Chandighat Chowk, Bhoomanand Chowk, Upper Bazaar, Moti Bazaar, Har-ki-Pauri and Bhimgoda areas.
The team is taking inputs from street vendors with Uttarakhand chief of small scale street vendors-hawkers Sanjay Chopra, apprising the survey team of their suggestions and problems.
As per CO, Traffic, JR Joshi, the city needs to have specific vending zones as otherwise a majority of the streets in the core mela zone area leading towards Har-ki-Pauri are full of vendors, of which a majority are unauthorised, which poses problems for commuting and traffic jams.

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