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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Per capita income of Tehri Rs 40,000: Finance panel chief

Dehradun, June 5
Chairperson of the State Finance Commission Indu Kumar Pandey, said today that Tehri dam had helped raise the per capita income of hill district of Tehri in Uttarakhand, which is quite high in comparison to other hill districts of the state.

Addressing a consultative workshop on World Environment Day organised by Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra, Indu Kumar Pandey disclosed that the per capita income of Tehri district had reached Rs 40,000 per person per year, which is quite high compared to other hill districts of the state. He attributed this rise to spillover effect over large investments made at Tehri in the form of Tehri dam.
While advocating a balance between environment and development, he laid equal stress on the rising needs of power for the country and Uttarakhand in particular. “There can be no debate such as environment versus development. We have to find ways where a win-win situation can be approached. India has lowest per capita consumption of power world over today but as we develop, this shall not remain so and more power shall be needed to fuel this demand,” he said, justifying the hydropower projects. Hydroelectric power is the cleanest, cheapest, renewable, non-polluting source; it gets cheaper by the years. It also has the highest energy payback ratio. We have to see the expanse of resources for state to be generated from hydroelectric power, the kind of positive impact it brings for the economy,” he pointed out.
Avdhash Kaushal, Chairperson, RLEK, said: “Environment Day worldwide is celebrated only once a year but we shall celebrate development day every day till 2014, the Lok Sabha election year, only to remind our elected representatives that it is high time they took their responsibility seriously.” Kaushal stressed on the need of creating awareness within society towards importance of hydropower. He said those opposing projects will now face their opposition. "The sadhu and saints have declared that they shall proceed to Delhi on June 18, 2012, but we should go to Delhi on June 15, 2012, along with women from such villages who have never in their lives seen an electric pole, let alone electricity, and expose the misinformation being spread regarding hydropower projects in Uttarakhand," Kaushal added.
Liladhar Jagudi, eminent writer, said that while all religions in the world were for human beings, the development too was for human beings. He said it was extremely unfortunate that few people with vested interests were misleading common masses while the truth is that Ganga is not polluted by hydro power projects made on it in the hills, but, rather, gets polluted after it enters the plains, and there was enough data too prove this fact. “Blind superstitions shall never allow us to progress,” he observed.

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