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Friday, February 10, 2012


Vigil stepped up along Nepal border 

Pithoragarh, February 10
The Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) guarding the Indo-Nepal border and the Pithoragarh police have intensified vigil along the border to check the smuggling of fake currency into India. "Personnel of our intelligence wing deputed at Jhoola Ghat and other bridges along the Indo-Nepal border have been asked to find out the sources of the smuggling of fake currency into India,” said NA Bharane, SP, Pithoragarh.
According to information, last week when a shopkeeper had gone to deposit money in a local bank at Jhoola Ghat town, two notes of 1,000 denomination and one note of 5,00 denomination were found to be fake.
According to the shopkeeper, one of the notes of 1,000 denomination was given to him by a Nepal citizen who had purchased grocery items from his shop at the Jhoola Ghat market.
In the wake of the incident, SSB officials have increased vigil near all five bridges to check the smuggling of fake currency from Nepal. “As the border of India and Nepal is open, we cannot stop Nepal citizens from shopping in Indian markets situated near the border. However, we have asked our personnel guarding all five bridges across the Kali river, which makes the border between the two countries in this part of the country, to keep vigil on the persons whose activities are found to be suspicious,” said SD Serekhane, an SSB official.
A newspaper vendor said when he went to collect newspaper bills from a client in Nepal last week the latter gave him Rs 1,000, which was later declared fake by a bank employee in Jhoola Ghat town. “This shows that fake currency is being smuggled into India as Nepal citizens are dependent on Indian markets for their daily needs and usually come here to buy things,” he said.

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