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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Uttrakhand, India

Uttrakhand also known as Uttaranchal is a beautiful place lying in the lap of the mighty Himalayas. It comprised of two regions, the western half known as Garhwal and the eastern region going by the name of Kumaon, the two having different chieftains in history and different lingual and cultural influences due to proximity and neighbourhood of different cultures. Inseparable and complementary nature of their geography, economy, culture, language and traditions, however, have formed strong bondages between the two regions. The place is bless with nature, you can find so many gorgeous landscaping, enchanting rivers, magnificent countryside, exotic hill stations a and honest and hospitable people. 

 - Uttrakhand became the 28th state of the Republic of India on November 9, 2000. Uttrakhand is attached with China in the north and Nepal to the east, and it shares it boundaries with Himachal Pradesh in the west and Uttar Pradesh in the south. In past this state was a part of Uttar Pradesh. The region is traditionally referred to as Uttarakhand in old literature and scriptures which derives from the Sanskrit for North Country.

The provisional capital of Uttrakhand is Dehra Dun which is also a rail-head and the largest city in the region. The small hamlet of Gairsen has been mooted as the future capital owing to its geographic centrality but controversies and lack of resources have led Dehra Dun to be the provisional capital. The High Court of the state is in Nainital. Uttrakhand is a region of outstanding natural beauty. Most of the northern parts of the state are part of Greater Himalaya ranges, covered by the high Himalayan peaks and glaciers, while the lower foothills were densely forested till denuded by the British log merchants and forest contractors after independence. Recent efforts in forestation, however, have been successful in restoring the situation to some extent. The unique Himalayan ecosystem plays host to a large number of animals (including bharal, snow leopards, leopards and tigers), plants and rare herbs. Two of India's mightiest rivers, the Ganga and the Yamuna take birth in the glaciers of Uttrakhand, and are fed by myriad lakes, glacial melts and streams in the region.

Tourism industry is the back bone of Uttrakhand's economy. Corbett National Park and Tiger Reserve and the nearby hill-stations like Nainital and Bhimtal and several other hill-stations such as Mussoorie, Almora and Ranikhet being among the most frequented destinations of India.

To this region also belong some of the holiest Hindu shrines, and for almost 2000 years now, pilgrims have been visiting the temples at Haridwar, Badrinath, Kedarnath and Jageshwar in the hope of salvation and purification from sin. Rishikesh near Haridwar has the major spiritual and yoga centers of India. Gangotri and Yamunotri, the sources of the Ganges and Yamuna also fall in this region and are revered by many. Besides these most popular pilgrim centers, the state has an abundance of temples and shrines, references to most of which can be found in Hindu scriptures and legends. The architecture of most of these temples is typical of the region and slightly different from other parts of India, the ancient temples at Jageshwar being the most popular for their architectural importance.

Recent developments in the region include initiatives by the state government to capitalise on the burgeoning tourist trade as well as tax incentives to lure high-tech industry to the state. The state also has big-dam projects, controversial and often criticised in India, such as the very large Tehri dam on the Bhagirathi-Bhilangana rivers, conceived in 1953 and about to to reach completion.
Major Travel Destinations in Uttrakhand

>>  Almora
>>  Ananda
>>  Auli
>>  Binsar
>>  Corbett
>>  Dehradun
>>  Haridwar
>>  Kausani
>>  Mussoorie
>>  Nainital
>>  Near Nainital
>>  Ranikhet
>>  Rishikesh
>>  Near Rishikesh

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