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Monday, November 12, 2012

Virasat-2012 comes to close

Dehradun, November 11
Folk dances from Garhwal enthralled the audience on the last day of Virasat-2012, a cultural festival, last night. The dance group first performed ‘Mandanh’, followed by ‘Chachari’, a dance in which artistes form a human chain as they dance. The second performance of the evening was that of Ziya Azazi and his representation of the whirling dervishes called, “Dervish in progress”. He was born in 1969 in Antakya, Turkey. Since 1994, he has been based in Vienna, Austria. He speaks Arabic, English, German and Turkish. Ziya Azazi and his troupe held the audience spellbound with an entirely different Austrian-Sufi flavour. The next performance was by Murray Molly from Ireland. His repertoire includes escapology, clown, comedy, magic, fire manipulation, fakirism, pyrotechnics and contortionism. The show began with interaction with the audience. By building the crowd with the techniques of theatre and clown, he formed a bond with the spectators. After winning the crowd’s confidence, the show began with Murray’s stunts. From Australian stockwhips to hilarious contortionist’s stunts of squeezing his entire body through a toilet seat, Murray enthralled Doonites. A comedy piece with members of the audience was followed by the grand finale, his most impressive, original and spectacular sword swallowing stunt. The last performance of the evening was Sufiana Quwwali by Mohd Ahmed Warsi. Warsi Brothers are excellent representatives of the Quwwali form of musical expression. They belong to the Rampur Sahaswan Gharana of Quwwals. They are a very popular Qawwali musical group, consisting of brothers Mohammad Ahmed Khan Warsi and Khalid Hussain Khan Warsi. They were accompanied by their next generation - son Waris Nawab Warsi Sahib. Their singing is best known for the purity of raaga’s, measured tones and taals which are special to original Delhi Gharana Gayaki.

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