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Friday, April 6, 2012

MoD to raise number of seats in RIMC

Derhadun, April 6
The speculation regarding increasing the number of seats in city-based Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) and not enhancing the strength of faculty members from the next academic session has created concern among alumni and former faculty members. However, highly placed sources allayed the apprehensions, saying that with the increase in the number of seats, the faculty strength and related manpower, too, would be raised.
Former Commandant, Arun Mamgai, who earned laurels for running RIMC for the longest period of eight years, said: “As we are hearing that the number of seats is going to be increased from 250 to 500 in RIMC and the faculty strength would remain static, which means the quality of the education, a hallmark of RIMC, would certainly take a severe beating. It would be very unfortunate if it happens so.”
Col JS Shekhawat, alumnus, who had been secretary of RIMC Alumni Association, said the way the new structures were springing up in the open expanse of RIMC, the space was bound to shrink, which would tell upon the splendor of this institute and reduce the area for the playground or other sporting or leisure activities. Highly-placed sources in the RIMC, on the condition of anonymity, informed that the proposal regarding increasing the seats in RIMC had been approved by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). It is now working out last-minute financial modalities and other intricacies to remove the rough ends before finalising the proposal. It was assured that an ideal student and teacher ratio would be maintained in the new set-up as well with the equitable increase in the faculty members. At present, there are 20 teachers and one doctor in the RIMC for 250 students.
Acording to sources, in rest of then four RIMCs operating in the country, the number of seats is 300. Owing to this, the proposal had lately been making rounds to increase the number of seats in this institute as well. Now with approval from the MOD, the proposal will be cleared for the next academic session in year 2013. However, it was told that it will take a period of five years to fully implement this proposal, as the institute does not have the required infrastructure to meet the demands of the enhanced strength of students, teachers and manpower. So new dormitories, dinning hall and related infrastructure will be raised in due time. It is after full preparation that the admission for the additional seats would be initiated. To address the apprehension regarding shrinking of space, the sources said the requisite space such as of playgrounds, courts or fields would not be touched but the places which are not used much would be roped in for construction of new buildings. 


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