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Friday, February 3, 2012

Highest percentage of voting in Pithoragarh seat

Pithoragarh, February 1
District Election Officer R Rajesh Kumar today released the final figures of voting recorded in all four seats of Pithoragarh district.
According to the figures released by the poll officer, out of a total of 3,07,009 voters in the four Assembly seats of the district, 1,95,262 cast their votes, which has been calculated at 63.59 per cent.
“The number of male voters in all four seats is 1,51,702 and that of female is 1,55,307. Of these, 96,896 male and 99,096 female voters cast their votes,” said the poll officer.
Dharchula witnessed 66.7 per cent voting, Didihat 63.8 per cent, Pithoragarh 67.19 per cent and Gangolihat 57.93 per cent. The highest percentage of voting has been recorded in the Pithoragarh seat followed by Dharchula where out of a total of 70,035 voters, 46,956 cast their votes.
In Didihat, out of a total of 69,251 voters, 44,443 voters cast their votes. “The lowest voting has been recorded at the Chama polling booth while the Kiroli polling booth has witnessed the highest voting,” said the election officer.
In Gangolihat, out of a total of 84,799 voters, 48,304 cast their votes.
“The Devrari Pant polling booth witnessed the highest voting while the lowest voting has been recorded at the Bungli polling booth,” he said.
The Namik polling booth, Dharchula, witnessed zero polling while only one person cast vote at the Silingia polling booth,” said to the poll officer. 

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