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Monday, February 13, 2012

Above 100, and still going strong

Midwife Hafizan,
Midwife Hafizan, popularly known as ‘Dai Amma’

Haridwar, February 13
In the present fast-paced life when many people may think of retiring early, a more than 100-year-old woman in Haridwar is still continuing to work as midwife with zest.
Hafizan, popularly known as ‘Dai Amma’, has been working as midwife for more than 75 years and in neighbouring Jwalapur, Teliyan mohalla, she has served a majority of people. The people regard her as their grandmother as she has served many families which have even their grandchildren born under her care.
Hafizan’s son, Raj Mistri, 72, have lost the count of deliveries she has helped happen. Hafizan’s family had come to Kankhal, Haridwar, post-Independence and settled here. She then undertook medical training as midwife and since then she had been working ceaselessly.
“I take my work as social service. I consider expectant mothers as my daughters. This is a novel work and money is not my priority. Natural delivery is possible in most of the cases and I have been performing deliveries without any problem for more than seven decades,” said Hafizan.
Hafizan also gives tips to other midwives and ASHA health activists. Local doctors and nurses also consult her.
A local resident, Tanveer Ali, told The Tribune that his three children were born under Hafizan’s care as were his brothers and sisters and neighbours. “She is a motherly figure for all of us. Though above 100 years of age she is still going strong and working,” said Ali.

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