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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kuldeep Nayar's book ,"Beyond the Lines: An Autography",kicks up controversy

New Delhi - Veteran journalist Kuldip Nayar is no stranger to controvers and once again he has stirred a hornet's nest. The veteran journalist and author Kuldip Nayar has courted a fresh controversy by alleging that Sikh Student’s Federation president Bhai Amrik Singh, who died during Operation Blue Star in June 1984, was “IB agent”. Stirring a hornets’ nest, Nayar has written that it was an open secret that Amrik Singh, president of Sikh Students Union (read Federation) was IB’s agent. In his latest book "Beyond the Lines: An Autography", the veteran journalist claims that former President Giani Zail Singh 'blessed the Sikh radical organisation Dal Khalsa to take on the Akalis'. These claims have been rubbished by Dal Khalsa as completely baseles, but Kuldip Nayar stands by his revelation claiming he was told by none other than the former President of India himself. 

In his recently published autobiography Kuldip Nayar has also alluded to the role of Dal Khalsa while writing about the genesis of the Punjab problem. Nayar in his 16 page Punjab chapter titled “Punjab in flames”, has alleged that Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was creation of the then Congress.

The Sikh radical group Dal Khalsa is up in arms against the Nayar, calling his allegations as senseless and baseless. Party head H S Dhami interacting with the media said the great Sikh personalities and the Dal Khalsa continue to bear the burden of the sophisticated malign
campaign of the Indian authors and writers. 

Notably, Nayar has claimed that the formation of Dal Khalsa was engineered by Gaini Zail Singh to “needle the Akalis”.  “As far as Dal Khalsa is concerned there was no iota of truth in Nayar’s accusation”.

He said the avowed agenda of the Dal Khalsa was to confront and curtail the anti-Sikh policies of the state. The organization defied the mainstream political parties including the Akalis. Therefore, by virtue of its nature, its formation simultaneously created two
adversaries- the Indian state and the traditional Akalis.

Interestingly, Tarlochan Singh, the former Personal Assistant to Gaini Zail Singh has refuted Kuldip Nayar’s contention saying that his mentor was not behind the creation of radical Sikh outfit.

“Nayar has not only passed derogatory remarks against Sikh leadership of that time but had also attempted to do character assassination of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale and Bhai Amrik Singh, said he and added that no sensible person can believe in Nayar’s senseless accusations”.
Sounding a warning, he said how long the Sikhs would tolerate the insult to their martyrs.

In his book, Nayar has quoted an MP Kamal Nath who claimed that they provided “money to Santji off and on to challenge the Akali government”.

Kamal Nath is alive and minister in UPA government. He must speak out when he interviewed Santji as written by Nayar, and who others were present during that time and the amount he gave to Santji , he asked. Dhami challenged Nath to provide a single concrete evidence to prove his baseless allegation.

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