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Sunday, May 6, 2012

NRI from Nagpur help build school for special children in Sangrur village

SANGUR (India): It's not only the NRIs from Punjab are giving back to the state and helping the people.

An NRI from Nagpur, settled in Bad Homburg in Germany, has donated Rs 55 lakh for construction of a school for dumb and deaf children in Thalesa village of Sangrur district.

Prabhu Paramatma, belonging to Nagpur, had attended a school function  in 2010.

When Prabhu attended a function by these children and learned about the lack of basic amenities, he announced a donation to construct a special school for these children without any government help.

Prabhu, who has been working as a coordinator and consultant for Vision 4 Children NGO of Germany, said that helping poor and needy children is the mission of his life and he has been providing help in many countries to needy children.

"Children are a precious gift of God. Children live through us and with us. Therefore, we must help them if they need us," Prabhu told TOI from Germany.

Prabhu went to Germany around 25 years back after completing his LLB from Nagpur.

When this school started in 2006, there were only 16 special children, but now the number of children has grown to 38.

Children from Sangrur, Badrukhan, Ubhawal and many other villages have been admitted in the school and  authorities have been working hard to bring maximum children to their school so that they could help them improve their lives.

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