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Monday, April 30, 2012

Uttarakhand Lokayukta law on hold

Dehradun - The Uttarakhand Lokayukta Bill, which had earned the tag of a 'perfect law' from Team Anna, has been put on hold by the new chief minister of the hill state. The bill was passed by the outgoing BJP government last year, making Uttarakhand the first state to have a Lokayukta law with the lower judiciary within its ambit.
Anna Hazare and his team had maintained that the proposed law in Uttarakhand was exactly identical to the Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by them.

However, Congress chief minister Vijay Bahuguna, a former judge himself, who succeeded BJP's BC Khanduri, told TOI that he has put the law on hold. Bahuguna wants to amend the law and remove the lower judiciary from its purview. He now says that the state would prefer to wait till the Centre passes the Lokayukta law. He was in the city to attend a seminar organized by Central India group of institutions.

"Let the Centre pass the law, then the state may go ahead with it too. This will ensure there is uniformity. At present every state has a different law, like UP has kept the chief minister out of Lokayukta. In any case, the lower judiciary cannot be under the Lokayukta, which is just a fact finding body," he said.

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